Ford CEO Jim Farley pledges to keep Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

During a conversation with The Wall Street Journal, Ford CEO Jim Farley explained that Ford would not be following in the footsteps of Tesla and other automakers like Rivian. Instead of ditching CarPlay in favor of an in-house solution, Ford will be keeping Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration features on its vehicles.

The integration—or lack thereof—of systems like Apple CarPlay in mainstream electric cars has caught the interest of many. Companies like Tesla and Rivian have been firm in their stance that their vehicles must have in-house infotainment software. But lately, even General Motors announced that it was ditching CarPlay. GM’s announcement polarizing responses. Some customers even told the Detroit Free Press that they would probably not go for another GM vehicle if CarPlay is abandoned.

In his conversation with The Wall Street Journal, the Ford CEO admitted that in terms of content, it’s best to stick with systems that are already tried and tested. “In terms of content, we kind of lost that battle 10 years ago. So like get real with it, because you’re not going to make a ton of money on content inside the vehicle,” Farley said.

Farley noted that ultimately, it doesn’t really make sense to abandon systems like Apple CarPlay, especially since a good number of car buyers in the United States use Apple products. The CEO noted that about 70% of Ford customers in the United States are Apple customers. “Why would I go to an Apple customer and say ‘good luck’?” Farley said.

Next-gen Apple CarPlay aims to takeover in-car screens & functions

The Ford CEO’s commitment to Apple CarPlay may work in the carmaker’s favor. During Apple’s WWDC 2022 event, the tech giant announced its next-gen CarPlay software, which is aimed at reinventing the in-car experience. Unlike its current iteration, the next-gen Apple CarPlay system features full integration with basic car functions like climate controls or radio tuning. It will also fully utilize all the displays that automakers would be placing in their vehicles. Such a system would make Ford’s cars comparable to industry leaders like Tesla, at least on the infotainment side.

Watch Ford CEO Jim Farley’s conversation with The Wall Street Journal below.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley pledges to keep Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
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