Tesla Powerwall batteries are aiding home workers in Elon Musk’s country of birth

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home employment has become the norm. Unfortunately, in South Africa, the country of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s birth, the return of load-shedding practices from Eskom, an electricity public utility, meant that employees working from home are at risk of losing power during work hours. That is, at least, if they do not have backups like Tesla Powerwall batteries.

Rubicon Renewables, Tesla’s official distributor of the Powerwall in South Africa, recently revealed that there has been a significant uptake in the home battery system from companies that have a notable work-from-home workforce. With the Powerwall in place, companies can be assured that their employees could work from home without experiencing power issues, even when Eskom implements its load shedding practices. 

The Powerwall, after all, is a self-contained battery and inverter system that could keep crucial appliances and other electrical devices powered during outages, or when the rolling blackouts implemented by the public utility happens. 

In a statement to local media, Rubicon sales director Greg Blandford noted that the increased demand for the Powerwall would likely continue through 2021 due to the existing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have seen a consistent ramp-up since launch in South Africa and will see demand grow through 2021 irrespective of load-shedding,” he said. 

Explaining further, Blanford stated that it is not just local companies that are starting to adopt the Tesla Powerwall as a way to weather the country’s power issues. The home battery system has also the home battery of choice among individual consumers, many of whom are working from home as well. 

“COVID-19 has created new ways of doing business. Many companies have allowed employees to work from home, the only risk to business interruption being load-shedding. Clients have realized the need for energy security in the case of working from home and hence trust brands such as Tesla to supply them with their energy needs. It has taken some time for consumers to realize that Eskom’s woes are here to stay and the combination of load-shedding and COVID-19 has caused consumers to take control of their own power needs,” Blanford said. 

Ultimately, the Rubicon sales director remarked that the demand for the Tesla Powerwall in South Africa may very well be driven in no small part by a key factor—it is simply one of, if not the best, home energy storage product available in the market today. 

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Tesla Powerwall batteries are aiding home workers in Elon Musk’s country of birth
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