Tesla R&D Center nears completion, hints at $25k car inching closer to production

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Tesla’s first R&D Center outside the United States in Shanghai is nearing completion and seems ready to start operations. As Tesla China’s R&D Center prepares for operations, Tesla’s $25,000 car development inches closer to production.

Tesla’s R&D Center is still recruiting, offering jobs focused on vehicle design, vehicle software, hardware design engineering, material engineering, powertrain/energy engineering, R&D engineering operation, and vehicle engineering. For example, Tesla China is looking for an R&D Operations Specialist/Expert for its Prototype Shop and an R&D Operations Specialist/Lab Expert.

Even though the R&D Center is not yet operational, Tesla China’s R&D team doesn’t seem idle. Earlier this month, rumors from a reliable source hinted that Tesla China had completed the prototype for the highly-anticipated $25k car. Talk of Tesla’s affordable compact car first circulated when the R&D Center in China was announced.

“The center is in Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai, where we are now. We are now building our China R&D center right here. This R&D center is also the first Tesla R&D center outside the United States…In the future, we want to design, develop and produce an original model in China, manufactured here and sold to the whole world. This R&D center is the starting point of the goal,” said Tesla China President Tom Zhu in the past.

Back in February, Zhu shared that Tesla’s highly-anticipated $25k vehicle would be available worldwide. Recently, sources in China stated that the compact car could enter trial production by the end of this year at the earliest.

Tesla China’s open position for an R&D Operations Specialist/Expert for the Prototype Shop supports the idea that the company could be preparing for the trial production of its $25,000 vehicle. One of the position’s job responsibilities is to oversee the Engineering Prototype Shop layout and manufacturing line build. The position also entails that the expert oversees the manufacturing process of prototype cars, interior, exterior, car body, powertrain, chassis components, etc.

An eco-assessment report for Giga Shanghai revealed that Tesla China could put the gears in motion to produce the $25k car as early as 2022. Tesla China is not the type to mince words and has either met or beaten its goals in the past. So far, no news or rumors have suggested that Tesla China’s production goals for the $25k have changed.

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Tesla R&D Center nears completion, hints at $25k car inching closer to production
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