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Tesla to reduce vehicle costs by ~50% in the next five years predicts TSLA bull

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Long-time TSLA bull ARK Invest predicts that Tesla will reduce vehicle costs by ~50% in the next five years. The analysts at ARK Invest based their prediction on Tesla’s presentation during Investor Day 2023. 

Tesla’s presentation on Investor Day received mixed reviews. Many viewers expected more details on Tesla’s ongoing projects, like the Cybertruck, and the company’s next-generation vehicles. Usually, Tesla’s presentations are more entertaining, but during Investor Day 2023, the company decided to get serious and shed some light on its direction. While specific details on the Cybertruck and next-generation vehicles were sparse, the presentation hinted at Tesla’s next phase as a car manufacturer and more. 

In a report, Ark Invest noted that Tesla showed all the steps it will take when producing its next-gen vehicle. Ark notes that four moves would impact the future of Tesla’s vehicle costs and production, listed below. 

  1. Tesla plans to produce 100% of controllers in next-gen vehicles
  2. Tesla plans to switch to 48-volt battery architecture
  3. Next-gen Tesla vehicles will use local ethernet-connected controllers. 
  4. Tesla will transition to a parallel assembly process. 

Ark Invest believes switching to a 48-volt battery architecture should reduce power losses by 16-fold. While using local ethernet-connected controllers would decrease the complexity of the wire harness. 

“These electrical architecture changes should cut costs and give Tesla more control over its supply chain at the component level. They also will enable Tesla to transition its manufacturing to a parallel assembly process, slashing its manufacturing footprint and wasted time by 40% and 30%, respectively,” reported Ark Invest.

Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer Zachary Kirkhorn wrapped up the company’s presentation on Investor Day 2023. He explained how each Tesla team—from supply chain to production—contributes to cost reduction through their innovative work. 

“…as we find efficiencies, we work with our suppliers to do the same, and that leads to material cost reduction that improves the affordability of our products,” stated Kirkhorn. 

He noted that Tesla took out 50% of vehicle costs when going from the Model S and Model X platform to the Model 3 and Model Y platform. Tesla aims to reduce costs by another 50% in its next-generation vehicles

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Tesla to reduce vehicle costs by ~50% in the next five years predicts TSLA bull
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