Tesla rolls out red carpet delivery for cancer-ridden Cybertruck customer

Credit: @Mrp11/Cybertruck Owners Club

Sometimes, it’s the little gestures that truly show that a company cares about its customers. This is especially true if a company has already grown to such a level that it has become the world’s most valuable automaker by market cap. This was highlighted by Tesla earlier this month when the electric vehicle maker rolled out the red carpet for a Cybertruck reservation holder who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

Last month, a Cybertruck Owners Club member who goes by the username Mrp11 shared his situation to the forum’s other members. As per the Tesla customer, who already owns a Model 3, Tesla Solar, and Powerwall 2 batteries for his home, he has a reservation for a Foundation Series Cyberbeast, but he is not sure if he will be around long enough for his delivery. He then asked if there was a way to move up his reservation so he could take delivery of his Cyberbeast earlier. 

Other members of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum responded positively to the Tesla customer’s story, with some even offering their spot in the Cybertruck delivery queue. Others also suggested that the Tesla customer reach out to Tesla with his request. In a later update, Mrp11 shared that Tesla has stepped up, and it would not be long before he takes delivery of his very own Cybertruck. “Without sharing too much, I will soon have a purchased delivery of my own. Well beyond expectations and for me significance I cannot really explain the worth,” the Tesla customer wrote in a post. 

Midway through the month, the Tesla owner shared the efforts of the electric vehicle maker to make his Cyberbeast delivery more special. As per the Cybertruck Owners Club forum member, Tesla did a home delivery for his Cyberbeast, but his vehicle was not alone. It was accompanied by several other Cybertrucks, some of which were wrapped in Tesla’s OEM Paint Color Film. Following is the Tesla owners’ post. 

“Today, I received my Cyberbeast via a very cool home delivery. Some of you may have seen my post about being a Cancer patient with a wish. Today was delivery day and Tesla made it very special. Far beyond what we could have imagined. Great people and Great Companies Do Great things. They don’t have to but they do.

“Here is how the home delivery went. Our new beast arrived plus support from a Rose Gold, a Black and another Stainless Cybertruck. They made a grand entrance, filled the driveway, and were there to address any new needs or concerns questions for as long as we wished.

“It made for an incredible event for which I will remember and cherish today forever. Thank you, Tesla, for making today so special,” the Tesla owner wrote. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the story, which was also posted on X. As per Musk, he was glad that things worked out during the special Cyberbeast delivery.

Tesla may attract a steady team of negativity, but the company has a long history of recognizing its most passionate fans. In 2017, the Tesla community rallied around a terminally ill Model 3 reservation holder. Veteran Tesla owners championed his cause, making it known that experiencing the new electric sedan was one of his final wishes. 

Tesla responded by moving him up the reservation line, ensuring he received his Model 3 early. The delivery itself was a special event, with a large group of Tesla staff present to celebrate this emotional moment. This heartwarming story made him one of the first publicly known non-employee recipients of the Model 3, solidifying his place in Tesla lore.

The following year, the Tesla community came together again to support another superfan. This time, a Model X owner battling stage 4 colon cancer expressed a desire to meet Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s Design Chief. The superfan was treated to a personalized tour of the Fremont Factory, followed by an hourlong conversation with von Holzhausen. Elon Musk himself joined them for a brief chat, even amidst the intense “production hell” Tesla was facing at the time. 

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Tesla rolls out red carpet delivery for cancer-ridden Cybertruck customer
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