Tesla community comes together to fulfill terminally ill Cybertruck fan’s wish

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The Tesla Cybertruck is already in production, but customer deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck are still just beginning. This means that for some who ordered the vehicle years ago, it would still take some time before they can take delivery of their Cybertruck. For one Cybertruck reservation holder, this is simply time that he does not seem to have. 

In a story posted on the r/TeslaLounge subreddit earlier this month, Wisconsin-based 71-year-old Tesla enthusiast u/arfarfarf stated that he reserved his Cybertruck three years ago. However, he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 3-12 months to live. He has canceled his Cybertruck reservation due to his diagnosis, but he would like to experience the vehicle at least. 

Members of the Tesla subreddit responded positively to the EV enthusiast’s request, with some members and even a moderator stating that they could pass along the story to someone who works at the electric vehicle maker. An update to the story has now been posted, and it seems like things worked out for the best. 

Need a favor from Tesla or Cybertruck owner.
byu/arfarfarf inTeslaLounge

As per the former Cybertruck reservation holder, Tesla Staff Manufacturing Engineer Steven Dang answered the electric vehicle community’s call by driving from Minneapolis to Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport in a Cybertruck for a ride and drive. The Wisconsin-based EV fan noted that he could not drive on the street because of pain medication, but he did go to a big parking lot where he “got to experience just how cool the Cybertruck is.” 

Images shared by the Tesla fan revealed that the event was a very positive experience for everyone involved. In several follow-up posts on the r/TeslaLounge subreddit, the former Cybertruck reservation holder shared some insights about his experience. 

“I couldn’t drive on the street cuz of pain meds, but we went to a big parking lot and got to experience how cool the CT is. I also have to say how great Steven Dang was! Such a cool guy. He has worked on so many projects in 10 years with Tesla. He knows Tom Zhu! I tried to get secret info, but Steven was very informative yet vague,” the Wisconsin-based Tesla fan wrote. 

Sorry for the delay, but I got my ride in a Cybertruck, (with pics)
byu/arfarfarf inTeslaLounge

This is not the first time that Tesla has extended some special efforts for its most ardent fans. Back in 2017, the Tesla community, led by veteran owners, came together to help give a terminally ill man and Model 3 reservation holder an experience with the all-electric sedan, which was one of the last items on his bucket list. The community’s efforts were forwarded to Tesla, which proceeded to bump the man up the Model 3’s reservation line

Posts on social media indicated that the man took delivery of his Model 3 early, and a huge group of Tesla staff showed up to make his delivery day as special as possible. The delivery was quite a big deal at the time, as the man became one of the first publicly-known non-employee recipients of the Model 3 sedan. 

And in 2018, similar efforts by the EV community helped a Tesla superfan who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer get a meet-and-greet with Tesla Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen. The superfan, who drove a Model X 90D, wanted to meet one of the men “behind the man,” who worked in the background to push Tesla into the success it became. 

The Model X owner was given a personal tour of the Fremont Factory, and he spent about an hour chatting with von Holzhausen. Following a test drive in a Model 3 with the Chief Designer, Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped by for a surprise visit, accommodating the superfan for a few minutes before disappearing into the Fremont Factory, which was in the middle of “production hell” at the time.

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Tesla community comes together to fulfill terminally ill Cybertruck fan’s wish
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