Lightship adopts NACS standard

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Lightship, a next-generation RV startup founded by Tesla alumni, has announced that the company would be adopting the electric vehicle maker’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) for its products. These include its debut RV, the L1, which is expected to enter production sometime in late 2023. 

Lightship announced its NACS adoption on its official account on X. The announcement was accompanied by a short video of Lightship Head of Software and Controls Engineering Troy Nergaard explaining why Tesla’s NACS was the best choice for the company’s purpose-built, aerodynamic, all-electric travel trailers

“We’ve made the decision to go with an NACS system. And that’s, you know, I think the way the industry is moving. But it makes sense for us as well. It’s an efficient use of space and it allows a high rate of charge at the appropriate charger. And then the charging stations frankly are quite reliable and work extremely well for the user. As Tesla starts to open those up, we’ll hopefully have access to them as well, and provide that sort of service for our customers. It’s becoming the sort of de facto standard and it’s been fun to watch that over time,” the Lightship executive noted. 

Being founded by Tesla alumni, Lightship is likely well aware of NACS’ advantages. As per the startup, Nergaard was involved with NACS during his days working for Tesla. “As an engineering leader on the Tesla charging team from 2009-2014, he was a key figure in the technical development of the NACS design and standard across the Tesla universe, even sitting on the industry standards committee when the EV charging standard for vehicles in North America was first being debated,” the company noted. 

Tesla’s NACS family has been steadily growing, and it is now becoming the evident charging standard of choice for North America. As per the electric vehicle maker, there are currently over 15,000 Supercharger stalls that are NACS-capable, though the company is expanding the network at a rate of about 1 new NACS-compatible stall every hour. This means that in about a year, there will likely be more than 23,000 NACS-compatible charging stalls available for non-Tesla owners. 

Watch Lightship’s NACS announcement in the video below. 

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Lightship adopts NACS standard
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