Tesla sales jump nearly 90% in Germany during first 2 months of the year

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Tesla sales in Germany have continued to climb, jumping by 87.8% compared to the first two months of last year.

Tesla has continued to make a name for itself in Europe’s biggest car market, Germany. Month over month, it has grown sales considerably, largely thanks to its newest European manufacturing center, Giga Berlin. Now, the American automaker has continued that trend, increasing its sales in the country by 29.7% compared to last February and 87.8% compared to the first two months of 2022.

There is plenty of other good news from the KBA, the German agency that tracks car registrations in the country. Tesla’s 7,711 sales in February constituted 3.7% of the overall market, yet another record for the brand. Tesla was also the fastest-growing import brand during the month, only slightly behind the domestic leader, Porsche, which grew by 36.9% year over year.

EVs generally also improved in sales compared to the dip from last month, up 14.7% year over year. 32,475 EVs sold during February represented 15.7% of the market. This marketshare growth is likely due in large part to the massive drop in PHEV and diesel sales during the same timeframe.

Other brands that saw similar growth to Tesla during the month include Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, and Mazda.

But it’s not all good news; major brands, including Ford, Fiat, and Honda, all saw sales contract during the month, counter to the overall market, which grew by 2.8% year-over-year.

This month, Tesla is poised to grow sales dramatically yet again. The automaker recently cut new inventory prices for its most popular vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, and still benefits from numerous tax incentives in Germany that continue to motivate buyers.

As Tesla continues to battle for market supremacy in Europe, Germany will be a key indicator of its success or failure. But with an ever-growing production base and a seemingly unending demand for EVs on the continent in general, the brand is poised to achieve its goals and continue to lead the EV revolution across the pond.

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Tesla sales jump nearly 90% in Germany during first 2 months of the year
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