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Tesla discounts new inventory vehicles in Europe by up to 7%

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Tesla has cut the price of inventory vehicles in Europe by varying amounts, saving many consumers thousands.

Tesla has become infamous for continually adjusting prices in the first quarter of this year. It started with a massive price cut in January and has continued in most global markets with more minor adjustments up and down since then. Now, Tesla has introduced a new price cut on European inventory vehicles.

The price discovery was found by Troy Teslike on Twitter, with Tesla shaving nearly 4,000 euros ($4,253) off an inventory Model Y in their example photo.

Looking at the Tesla France site, the savings don’t seem consistent, with some vehicles being discounted as much as 7% while others are discounted by only 1.5%. Moreover, the discount only applies to the Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y, with the Model X and S remaining full price. The only other condition is that all the discounted vehicles are new with less than 50km on their odometers and are not part of Tesla’s used vehicle inventory.

There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between the location where the car is listed and the discount applied, with the same disparity of discounts being used in each of the European countries, from Germany to Norway to France to England.

Sadly, the discount doesn’t seem to apply to vehicles in the United States and calling Tesla store locations around the country revealed that is the case.

Tesla has likely introduced the new price cut across Europe as it looks to continue to build marketshare in the region. Unlike in the United States, where Tesla has a firm grip on the EV market, the European market is far more competitive. This mirrors what Tesla has done in China in order to battle with competitors like BYD, Li Auto, NIO, and XPeng.

Demand for EVs in Europe has never been stronger, and if a buyer ever needed more incentive to Buy, Tesla has given them just that. Hopefully, as the continent continues to electrify over the coming years, these price cuts can allow more people to drive electric than ever before.

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Tesla discounts new inventory vehicles in Europe by up to 7%
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