EV demand spikes in the U.S. and Europe during first part of the year

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A new survey published by Deloitte has found that consumer interest in purchasing an EV has spiked in recent months.

Government officials and cable TV pundits love to question the demand behind the electric vehicle revolution, but new data from Deloitte shows demand has never been more robust. According to the survey, as many as 1 in 3 Americans and nearly half of Europeans would prefer their next vehicle to be electric.

Besides this general interest, Deloitte found some other vital trends showing just how strong demand is for EVs. First, Deloitte found that many consumers were stressed about having an ICE vehicle for too long. The survey found that over half of all respondents were concerned about “the residual value risk” of owning an ICE vehicle.

While Deloitte’s findings may sound extreme, the results found in other surveys, primarily those focusing on younger audiences, corroborate the new findings. Furthermore, this intention has seemingly resulted in actual purchases across the globe, as automakers like Tesla have seen EV sales boom in recent months.

But what could be contributing to consumers’ recent push toward electrification? Ignoring the regulations that have been put in place banning ICE vehicles by the mid-2030s in much of the western world, macro-economic conditions have also been primed for EVs to flourish.

Gas prices in Europe and North America remain elevated compared to late 2020, EV incentives in many parts of the world remain in place to aid consumers, and new incentives for suppliers have also been put in place, helping to make EV production ever-cheaper.

Outside of consumer EV demand, Deloitte also found that many consumers, particularly those aged between 18-35, were interested in possibly switching to a subscription model of car ownership, and 40% of respondents in the U.S. even reported not considering not buying a car at all.

With the EV revolution in full swing, it is no wonder that many consumers are now drawn to the newest generation of products. And despite the misconceptions and high expectations many consumers still have for EVs, the sales numbers are speaking for themselves. Hopefully, this trend will continue in these western markets and move to other parts of the globe as well.

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EV demand spikes in the U.S. and Europe during first part of the year
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