Tesla Semi’s spacious cabin highlighted in side-by-side picture with diesel trucks

(Credit: Jerome Guillen/LinkedIn)

A recently shared photo of the Semi beside a couple of conventional vehicle delivery trucks was shared by Tesla’s Automotive President Jerome Guillen on LinkedIn. Tesla’s long-hauler definitely looks like it came from the future, thanks to its unique design, cavernous cabin, and central driving position.

Even though the Semi has been spotted in multiple locations over the years, it has rarely been photographed alongside more traditional long haul trucks. This made it a bit challenging to see just how physically different the Tesla Semi was compared to its competition. That is, at least, until Jerome Guillen’s recent LinkedIn post, which depicted the Semi alongside the very vehicles it is intended to replace.

Guillen posted the Semi’s image with a caption, saying, “Quick respite after strong Q2 deliveries. The space alien did come to rescue the dinosaurs.” The Automotive President didn’t specify what his caption was about, though he seemed to be referring to the Semi and its more conventional peers, as well as the role that the all-electric truck played in Tesla’s recent end of quarter push.

A look at the recently shared image highlights the Semi’s large and spacious cabin, especially compared to the two traditional delivery trucks beside it. The Semi’s wraparound windshield, apart from giving drivers a commanding view of the road and excellent visibility, gives the all-electric truck a notably futuristic look. The Semi’s central driving position, which is unapologetically futuristic in its own right, ties the vehicle’s look together.

Ultimately, Guillen’s post highlights a prominent theme in Tesla’s history: the steady transition from tried and tested fossil fuel conventions to the potential presented by sustainable solutions. The Tesla Semi could address most of the problems plaguing the trucking industry today, after all. For example, with its Convoy Mode, Tesla Semi makes driving trucks a little safer.

Previous reports have emerged suggesting that finding drivers in the trucking industry has been difficult as of late despite decent wages, simply because some drivers aren’t willing to take on the health risks caused by the job. The Tesla Semi, with its zero-emissions nature, and its features such as Convoy Mode, which could make driving easier, alleviates some of that risk.

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has been conducting road tests with the Semi since it unveiled the all-electric Class 8 truck back in late 2017. Since then, Tesla’s two Semi prototypes have been put through the paces. Recently, the red wrapped unit was even spotted undergoing winter testing in Tesla’s facility in Alaska.

A recent Elon Musk email revealed that the Tesla Semi is poised to enter volume production soon. Considering that Musk was confident enough to move the Semi into volume production, the all-electric Class 8 truck’s final specifications and design are likely being ironed out if they aren’t already.

The Tesla Semi was announced with a range of either 300 or 500 miles, but Elon Musk has mentioned that the production version of long hauler could have closer to 600 miles of range. With Tesla Battery Day tentatively scheduled for September, Musk’s statements about the production Semi’s range may very well prove to be accurate.

Tesla Semi’s spacious cabin highlighted in side-by-side picture with diesel trucks
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