Tesla Cybertruck to drive across US later this year

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It appears that it will only be a matter of time before Tesla enthusiasts at the East Coast will be able to view the Cybertruck, with CEO Elon Musk stating that the electric car maker will attempt a cross country trip using the all-electric pickup sometime later this year. Provided that the event does push through, it could highlight just how well the Cybertruck could function as a vehicle for extended road trips. 

The announcement came as a response to a request from Tesla and SpaceX enthusiast Michael Hodges, who stated that the East Coast needs to get a glimpse of the electric steel monster as well. The West Coast, after all, has pretty much been the Cybertruck’s exclusive playground so far, with the vehicle more recently being displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA. 

Musk’s response to the request was positive. “Sure, we will aim to do a cross-country drive with Cybertruck later this year,” he wrote. 

Despite sightings and road tests of the Cybertruck seemingly being focused on the West Coast so far, the vehicle has proven to be quite popular across the United States. With this in mind, a cross country road trip with the Cybertruck definitely seems to be a great idea, as it would allow Tesla’s all-electric pickup to visit areas that it will likely compete in, such as Texas. States such as Texas, after all, are pretty much pickup truck country, making them potentially lucrative areas for the Cybertruck to saturate. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is actually pretty good for long trips, at least in terms of its design and specs. The top-tier Cybertruck has a range of over 500 miles, making it one of Tesla’s longest-range vehicles second only to the next generation Roadster. Its cavernous cabin is also very comfortable, as noted by veteran talk show host Jay Leno while he was driving the all-electric pickup around California for a segment on Jay Leno’s Garage

Quite interestingly, this is actually not the first time that the idea of a grand Tesla Cybertruck road trip has been suggested and planned. Earlier this year, Cyberland Bound, an overland expedition designed to evaluate the capabilities of the all-electric pickup, was launched. The project aims to take a convoy of Tesla Cybertruck across the TransAmerica Trail. What is interesting about the Cyberland Bound project is that it will follow a route that is largely off-road, allowing participants to truly push the Cybertruck to its limits. 

Watch a preview of the Cyberland Bound project in the video below. 

Tesla Cybertruck to drive across US later this year
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