Tesla Semi customer reveals production timeline and expected first delivery timeframe

The Tesla Semi visits Yandell Truckaway. (Photo: Arash Malek)

Production of the Tesla Semi all-electric truck maybe six months ahead of schedule, as Virginia-based JK Moving Services says it is expecting its first deliveries of the all-electric semi-truck in the second half of 2020 or earlier.

Speaking to the Washington Business Journal, JK Moving founder and CEO Chuck Kuhn says his company is expecting the first six Semi-trucks as early as the second quarter, followed by another round of deliveries after that. The company also ordered 10 long-haul sleeper cabs, which are not yet available for delivery.

JK Moving announced in 2017 that it has made the first $5,000 initial deposit for its orders of the Semi. In an earlier report by the Washington Business Journal, Kuhn said he personally visited Tesla’s electric vehicle plants in Fremont and Nevada and was impressed by what he saw. According to the local news outlet, no other vehicle manufacturer “compared to what we saw at Tesla.”

Kuhn expects the company’s electric truck purchases will help drive down fuel costs and provide increased savings for its customers. He also believes Autopilot and the “tremendous technology” in the cabin will improve safety for its drivers. Major companies have also placed their orders for the Semi, including Walmart, Pepsi, FedEx, Sysco, and Frito Lay, among others.

Tesla announced in its Q4 2019 and Full Year Update Letter that the company is producing “limited volumes” of the Semi in 2020. Earlier this year, a leaked email to customers who have made reservations for the up-and-coming truck reveals Tesla plans to start production by the second half of the year. Tesla initially aimed for a release date of late 2019. However, the company announced in its Q3 2019 earnings report that it will begin low-volume production in 2020.

Unveiled to the public in November 2017, the Tesla Semi is expected to upend the commercial trucking industry. Powered by four electric motors that can propel the semi-truck from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds without a trailer and 20 seconds with 80,000 pounds of cargo, the performance is unparalleled when it come to traditional diesel-powered trucks, which typically takes a minute to reach highway speeds. The truck’s cabin design also prevents it from jackknifing, potentially keeping thousands of highway motorists safe from road accidents.

The full cost of the reservation is $20,000 for each standard Semi and $200,000 for a Founders Series version. The truck is expected to cost $150,000 for the standard version and $200,000 for the Founders Series.

Tesla Semi customer reveals production timeline and expected first delivery timeframe
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