Tesla Semi spotted with apparent LiDAR rooftop rig

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It appears that Tesla may be doing some initial work in the development of the Tesla Semi’s driver assist systems. This was hinted at in a recent sighting of the Class 8 all electric truck near Gigafactory Nevada that involved a Tesla Semi with an extensive sensor suite on its roof. 

A video of the rather interesting Tesla Semi was initially posted on the r/teslamotors subreddit, though it quickly made its way to other social media platforms like X as well. The sensors on the Tesla Semi’s roof caught the attention of EV watchers, as they looked quite similar to the rooftop LiDAR sensors that have been spotted in select test vehicles in the past. 

Tesla has mostly used LiDAR rigs to gather information and validate vision data on test vehicles. While this has caused some confusion among Tesla critics due to Musk’s previous negative comments about using LiDAR in production vehicles, a patent from the electric car maker has noted that an “auxiliary sensor, such as radar, LiDAR, or another sensor” can be used for collecting training data that can “then be used to train a machine learning model.” 

With this in mind, Tesla may indeed be doing some initial work with regard to the development of the Tesla Semi’s driver-assist functions. The Tesla Semi does not have Autopilot or Full Self Driving (FSD) for now, after all, though the vehicle’s page in Tesla’s official website indicates that the Class 8 all-electric truck is already equipped with “active safety features that pair with advanced motor and brake controls to deliver traction and stability in all conditions.” 

The Tesla Semi is already a compelling option for fleet owners today because it is an all-electric vehicle and EVs have inherent advantages over their combustion powered counterparts. Teslas, however, are not just great vehicles because they are electric. They’re extra compelling because systems like Autopilot and FSD make them far more capable, safer, and more convenient to operate compared to conventional vehicles. Needless to say, with Autopilot and FSD, the Tesla Semi could truly be a disruptive vehicle. 

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Tesla Semi spotted with apparent LiDAR rooftop rig
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