Tesla shares stunning photo of Giga Texas covered in rare Austin snow

Credit: Tesla

Tesla shared a stunning photograph of its Giga Texas production facility covered in snow, a rare sight for many who call the state’s fourth most-populous city “home.”

Austin isn’t a place that snow is seen on an annual basis. With its snowiest month usually being January with an average snowfall of just .2 inches per year, Austin isn’t a place that gives residents the opportunity to regularly make snow angels, nor does the city experience frigid temperatures that are usually seen in other parts of the country. However, the rare snowfall made for a beautiful scene in Austin, and Tesla took advantage of the scenario to take a stunning photograph of its newest production plant.

Giga Texas will be Tesla’s second United States-based vehicle production facility, joining the company’s Fremont Factory in Northern California. The two locations are ideal for vehicle production as they are warm, sunny climates where the weather rarely interferes. However, Austin did get a taste of some snowfall as much of the midwest and Southern United States had ice accumulation and snowfall over the Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend.

CEO Elon Musk indicated that snow and ice covered most of the roads in Austin, leading to the closure of many public pathways for cars. Power outages were also reported, which could lead to some temporary delays in the construction of the Gigafactory, but this has not been confirmed.

Giga Texas will produce Model Y, Model 3, and Cybertruck builds as demand for those three vehicles continues to be of utmost importance moving forward. The passenger vehicles are really the main project for Tesla at the new plant, especially as demand for the company’s all-electric vehicles continues to expand, especially in the U.S.

The Texas plant will decrease wait times for owners who have ordered vehicles but live in the Eastern part of the country. Currently, every U.S. Tesla owner has had to wait for their car from Fremont in California, making the delivery process less efficient than it could be, especially for those located on the opposite side of the country.

However, Tesla plans to confront this issue with Giga Texas, which will begin deliveries in 2021, the company said.

Tesla shares stunning photo of Giga Texas covered in rare Austin snow
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