Tesla seemingly slips, briefly reiterates that Model 3 will be built in Giga Texas

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Tesla may be quite silent about it in recent months, but the company still seems to be intent on producing the Model 3 in Gigafactory Texas. This was hinted at in the company’s newly-launched Manufacturing page, which briefly indicated that Giga Texas would be the site for the production of the all-electric sedan. 

Tesla’s newly launched Manufacturing page showcased the company’s key production facilities, namely: the Fremont Factory, Giga Nevada, Giga New York, Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin, and Giga Texas. Each facility included a brief description of the vehicles that are being built on each site. Interestingly enough, the initial description for Giga Texas clearly noted that the Model 3 would be built in the facility. 

Tesla’s initial description for Giga Texas includes a reference to Model 3 production. (Credit: Tesla)

“(Gigafactory Texas) will produce Cybertruck, Model 3, and Model Y after its expected 2021 completion,” the description read. Even more interestingly, it did not take long before Tesla updated its Manufacturing page to remove references to the Model 3 in its Gigafactory Texas description. “Will produce Cybertruck and Model Y after its expected 2021 completion,” Giga Texas’ description read after the update. 

Elon Musk has mentioned in the past that Gigafactory Texas would be building the Model 3 onsite, with the CEO noting during the Q2 2020 earnings call that the all-electric sedans that the facility would be producing would be allotted for the eastern areas of the North American region. “We’re going to be doing a major factory there. And it’s also where we will be doing Cybertruck there, the Tesla Semi, and we will be doing Model 3 and Y for the eastern half of North America,” Musk said. 

Tesla’s current Manufacturing page has been updated to remove references to Model 3 production in Giga Texas. (Credit: Tesla)

In recent months, however, Elon Musk has been extremely silent about the idea of Giga Texas building the Model 3. Both the CEO and Tesla itself have been focused on the Model Y’s upcoming production on the site, as well as the Cybertruck’s eventual ramp. That being said, a Model 3 produced in Giga Texas opens up a lot of possibilities for the company, especially as it would allow the best-selling sedan to catch up to its crossover sibling, which is produced using megacasts from the company’s Giga Press machines. 

Giga Shanghai is built from the ground up to use Giga Press machines. And so far, none of the Model 3 produced in the Fremont factory have adopted such a design. Considering that Tesla seems to be intent on using its megacasts to as many vehicles in its lineup as possible, it appears that having Giga Texas build Model 3s may be a good way for the company to ensure that its best-selling sedan is produced using its best manufacturing techniques to date. 

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Tesla seemingly slips, briefly reiterates that Model 3 will be built in Giga Texas
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