Tesla staff denies reports of year-end Model Y production halt in China: report

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Tesla China hit record-high deliveries in November, but the electric vehicle maker has since faced a deluge of reports from mainstream media outlets claiming that demand for the company’s EVs is declining. This was despite Tesla China initiating a number of efforts to make its vehicles more attractive to potential buyers, such as price cuts on the Model 3 and Model Y and other notable perks. 

Earlier this month, for example, news media outlets such as Bloomberg News and Reuters claimed that Gigafactory Shanghai would be reducing its vehicle production by a notable degree this December. Bloomberg initially claimed that Giga Shanghai’s production would be trimmed by about 20% this month, while Reuters noted that Model Y production would see a 20% decline. Tesla bears cited the reports as proof that Tesla’s demand was drying up in China. 

Tesla China posted a rebuttal to the reports, noting that the claims were “untrue.” Reuters, however, noted in a follow-up piece that Model Y production cuts would be particularly notable at the end of December. This was reportedly due to Model Y production in Gigafactory Shanghai being halted between December 25, 2022, and January 1, 2023. 

Citing a Tesla China employee, local Chinese media outlet IT Home noted that the reported Model Y production halt at the end of the month was not accurate. While the publication did not name its source, only noting that its information came from Tesla China’s internal staff, the denial was notable. “It’s not true. Why stop (vehicle) production? It’s a rumor,” the Tesla China employee reportedly noted. 

In a way, the electric vehicle maker has some momentum this December. Last month, Tesla China sold a record 100,291 vehicles made at Giga Shanghai, a new record for the electric vehicle factory. Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), has also noted that Tesla China’s annual sales for 2022 have the potential to reach 750,000 units.

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Tesla staff denies reports of year-end Model Y production halt in China: report
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