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Tesla stock (TSLA) ended 2023 with a total gain of 102%

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Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) ended 2023 trading at $248.48 per share. While it may seem like the electric vehicle maker’s shares have been stuck between $200 and $250 per share for months, a closer look at TSLA stock’s performance over the year suggests that the electric vehicle maker actually saw some impressive growth in 2023. 

As observed by avid Tesla watchers on social media, TSLA stock closed out 2023 with a total gain of 101.7%. This represented the stock’s third-best yearly gain to date. For context, Tesla grew an impressive 344% in 2013 and a whopping 743% in 2020. Tesla delivered a total of 499,550 vehicles in 2020, a number that the company achieved in but a few months this year. 

The 102% gain experienced by Tesla stock is particularly impressive as it shows a strong rebound from 2022. Tesla had a brutal 2022, with the stock taking a 65% drop over the year. This represented TSLA stock’s worst year on record. Tesla saw numerous challenges in 2022, such as the mandatory shutdown of Giga Shanghai due to Covid-19 and Elon Musk’s offloading of shares to fund his takeover of Twitter. 

Tesla’s 2023 proved to be a lot smoother than 2022. The company immediately adopted an aggressive stance against its competitors by initiating a series of serious price cuts to its entire vehicle lineup, with some vehicles receiving as much as 20% off their previous price. Tesla’s price cuts became such a notable force that it triggered a price war in China. The company eventually had to sign a truce of sorts with its Chinese rivals to ensure that the country’s EV market remained competitive and fair. 

Tesla also successfully launched two new vehicles in 2022. The first is the upgraded Model 3, better known in EV circles as the Model 3 Highland, which is currently produced exclusively in Giga Shanghai. The highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck also started its consumer deliveries in late November.

Even Elon Musk’s activities on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, have leveled out. Musk still attracted controversy after controversy in 2023, but he no longer offloaded his personal Tesla shares to fund the social media platform. This was a departure from 2022, when Musk offloaded a total of around $22.9 billion worth of TSLA shares for his acquisition of Twitter. 

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Tesla stock (TSLA) ended 2023 with a total gain of 102%
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