Tesla appears to have stopped including aero wheel covers for Cybertruck deliveries

Credit: Tesla

Recent reports from Cybertruck customers have suggested that Tesla has temporarily halted the distribution of aero wheel covers for the tires of the all-electric pickup truck. Observations from the electric vehicle community suggest that this was due to the original aero covers potentially scuffing the sidewall of the Cybertruck’s tires. 

As per members of the Cybertruck Owners Club, recent deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck no longer include aero wheel covers. Tesla owner u/ConcreteTilt, who took delivery of a Cybertruck in late January, noted that he was informed that his vehicle’s aero wheel covers would be sent at a later date. The Cybertruck Owners Club member also noted that estimated deliveries of his replacement aero covers might be around March. 

While Tesla has been pretty quiet about the apparent halt to the deliveries of the Cybertruck wheel’s aero covers, aerial videos from Giga Texas do show that Cybertrucks in the facility’s holding lot are presently equipped with bare wheels. While it is evident that Cybertruck production is ramping up at Giga Texas, the all-electric trucks seem to be shipping without aero covers, at least for now. 

The same is true for videos of Cybertrucks that are waiting for their customers at the company’s delivery centers. As per images from Tesla’s Houston-Cypress location, Cybertrucks that are reportedly being prepared for customer deliveries also had no aero wheel covers. 

Interestingly enough, Tesla aftermarket company T-Sportline has shared a video on its YouTube channel potentially explaining the issue with the Cybertruck’s original aero covers. As per the EV aftermarket company, the Cybertruck’s original aero covers extend beyond the wheel and into the sidewall of the tire. And while the ends of the aero wheel covers are made of soft rubber, they do tend to scuff the tire’s sidewall when the vehicle is moving. 

This is because the bottom of the tire bulges when the Cybertruck is loaded. And while this is completely normal tire behavior, it also results in the aero wheel covers’ edges coming in contact with the tire’s sidewall. This may not seem like much of a big deal, but the EV aftermarket company noted that they have observed scuffs on Cybertruck tires from the aero covers after just a few thousand miles on the road. 

Watch T-Sportline’s potential explanation for the apparent halt in the deliveries of the Cybertruck’s aero wheel covers below. 

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Tesla appears to have stopped including aero wheel covers for Cybertruck deliveries
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