Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp tent will be compatible with range extender

Credit: Tesla

Tesla appears to be leaning into the Cybertruck’s adventure qualities in a recent promotional video. Posted on the company’s social media platforms, the new video focused heavily on the Cybertruck’s Basecamp accessory, which transforms the all-electric pickup truck into a comfortable camper. 

Tesla’s promotional video for the Cybertruck Basecamp highlighted some of the accessory’s advantages, from its quick setup to its rather neat mount on the all-electric pickup truck’s bed. While the Cybertruck Basecamp is costly at $2,975, it does feature some creature comforts like an ultra-soft mattress and access to the Cybertruck bed’s outlets. 

Tesla describes the Cybertruck Basecamp as follows:

“The Cybertruck Basecamp tent inflates in minutes without the need for structural poles. A tactical gray kaleidoscope-patterned nylon interior keeps you safe from the elements, while screen windows allow for airflow to keep you comfortable. Relax on an ultra-soft mattress while taking in a view of the stars. Use the truck bed’s outlet to keep your devices charged (even while you’re off-grid). A weather-resistant outer shell with an extendable awning offers added protection,” Tesla wrote.  

Perhaps more importantly, Tesla also highlighted in the Cybertruck Basecamp’s product page that the accessory is fully compatible with the all-electric pickup truck’s range extender. This means that Basecamp could be the perfect built-in Cybertruck tent for adventure enthusiasts who love to experience the outdoors — even for extended periods of time.

The Cybertruck range extender, which is yet to be released by Tesla, will allow the all-electric pickup truck to travel significantly further than its default estimated range. The Cyberbeast, for example, has an estimated range of 320 miles per charge, but with the range extender, the tri-motor Cybertruck variant is expected to see its range rise to more than 440 miles. The Cybertruck Dual Motor AWD, with a range extender, is expected to have a range of over 470 miles.

Few details are available about the Cybertruck’s range extender for now, though images released by the electric vehicle maker show the range extender consuming part of the all-electric pickup truck’s bed. Tesla has not announced the price of the Cybertruck range extender, but the Page Source of the Cybertruck payment page following the vehicle’s first delivery event included references to the range extender potentially being priced around $16,000.

Watch Tesla’s Cybertruck Basecamp video below. 

Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp tent will be compatible with range extender
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