Tesla’s 62 stall Santa Monica V3 Supercharger hits speed bump, LA housing crisis takes priority

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Tesla’s already approved project in Santa Monica would allow the electric automaker to open a massive 62 stall V3 Supercharger along Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles hit a speed bump earlier this week. After being approved by the City Commission on March 3rd, a follow-up meeting on March 9th proved that the two lots Tesla planned to utilize for the new Supercharger project are being included in an Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinance for potential housing in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica’s V3 Supercharger Project

Tesla applied to have 62 V3 Supercharging stalls located at 1401 and 1421-1425 Santa Monica Boulevard, which was approved on March 3rd. The project would bring Tesla’s fastest electric vehicle chargers in massive numbers to Santa Monica. The City Council approved the construction and subsequent operation of a 62 stall “recharging facility with solar canopies, restrooms, and support equipment split between two project sites.”

The approval solidified the fact that this would be the largest V3 Supercharger facility in the world, as the current largest all-V3 Supercharging station is located in Firebaugh, California, but only has 56 stalls. Additionally, the largest Tesla Supercharger station in the world is the 72 stall Shangahi Supercharging Facility in China, but the chargers are only V2, which do not charge as quickly as V3.

Tesla’s largest V3 Supercharger facility is coming to Santa Monica

City Council halts the Santa Monica V3 Supercharger Project

Concerns arose from some City Council members who projected worries regarding Los Angeles housing situations. While LA houses 3.967 million people, there are simply not enough apartments or condominiums in the area, and the City plans to build new housing locations for people to live in. However, Councilors recommended that they are not in favor of displacing current housing to create new buildings, complicating the living situations of the residents who currently occupy the buildings.

Because of this, City Council enacted an Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinance that would effectively reserve unoccupied lots for prospective housing development. One of the zones that were considered for new buildings was, in fact, the area where Tesla planned to install the 62 stall V3 Supercharging station. Because of the ordinance, Tesla may be forced to scrap the plans, even though they have already been approved.

Ultimately, the project could be delayed for any length of time between 45 days and two years, according to Council members’ recommendations in the language of the Ordinance.

The portion of the meeting that shows the discussion regarding Tesla’s V3 Supercharging site is available below thanks to @DriveTeslaCanada.

Tesla’s 62 stall Santa Monica V3 Supercharger hits speed bump, LA housing crisis takes priority
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