Tesla’s largest public Supercharger with 56 V3 stalls goes online

(Credit: Tesla Owners East Bay/Twitter)

The largest public Tesla Supercharger with a whopping 56 V3 stalls is now online in Firebaugh, California. The update was shared recently on Twitter by the Tesla Owners East Bay group, which happened to have a member who was fortunate enough to charge her Model 3 at the expansive location. 

The 56-stall V3 Supercharger site is currently the largest Tesla charging location to date. Its size is not the only thing that makes the Firebaugh Supercharger special, either, as the location also boasts a convenience store and a restaurant in the same vicinity, both of whom are yet to open.  

The “discovery” of the massive Supercharger’s activation was actually quite accidental. As noted in a Drive Tesla Canada report, Tesla Owners East Bay member Teresa K. was heading north along Interstate 5 after topping off her Model 3 at Kettleman City when her dog needed to heed the call of nature. She ended up stopping at the Firebaugh site, which happened to be lit up and operational. 

Images taken by the Tesla owner showed the 56-stall V3 Supercharger empty save for two Tesla Energy vehicles that were being used by company employees working on the location. Considering the fact that the site is fitted with V3 stations, as well as the fact that it’s located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, there is a good chance that the Firebaugh Supercharger will usually be busy. 

The Firebaugh Supercharger will likely not hold the title of “world’s largest” for long, as Tesla is in the process of building a 64-stall charging station in Gigafactory Shanghai. Data from hints at the Shanghai site being fitted with some V2 stalls, however. The station may not be fully open to the public as well, considering its location. 

The 56-stall V3 Supercharger in Firebaugh will serve an increasingly important role in Tesla’s operations in the coming years. As the company continues to roll out its mass-market vehicles like the Model 3 and the Model Y, the need for more public rapid-charging facilities increases. Supercharger V3 stations, which are capable of completing a charging session in less than 30 minutes go a long way towards ensuring that one site could accommodate and support large numbers of vehicles every day. 

Tesla’s largest public Supercharger with 56 V3 stalls goes online
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