Tesla and its suppliers to invest $15B in Giga Mexico: Governor

(Credit: Tesla)

In a recent statement, Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Garcia stated that Tesla and its suppliers are looking to invest an impressive $15 billion over the next two years for Giga Mexico. The amount is three times the figure previously disclosed by Mexican officials.

Back in March, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla would establish a gigafactory in the northern state of Nuevo Leon. The upcoming facility, which will produce Tesla’s next-generation vehicle, is a crucial part of the company’s efforts to expand its global footprint. 

At that time, the specifics regarding Tesla’s planned investment in Giga Mexico were not disclosed. Mexican officials, however, noted that an investment of $5 billion for the upcoming factory is expected.

During an event, Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Garcia stated that Giga Mexico’s investment has grown. “Just Tesla and its suppliers will generate an investment of $15 billion in two years,” the official said, as per a Reuters report. He also noted that the amount would require Nuevo Leon to spend more on projects such as highways and other public works.

Before Tesla’s Gigafactory Mexico announcement earlier this year, veterans like BMW, General Motors (GM), and Ford had shared their intentions to start or step up electric vehicle production in Mexico’s automotive sector. With Giga Mexico, Nuevo Leon could become one of the epicenters of the EV revolution. 

Previous reports have suggested that Tesla’s electric vehicle production in Giga Mexico would start in 2025. Tesla, however, has not issued an official statement as of yet about the facility’s updated target timeframes. 

Recent reports have suggested that Tesla’s $25,000 car and Robotaxi would be built on the same next-generation platform. With this in mind, Giga Mexico may also be tasked with the production of Tesla’s expected low-cost driverless vehicles. If this would indeed be the case, Giga Mexico could very well become Tesla’s highest-volume facility, possibly even exceeding Giga Shanghai’s output today. 

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Tesla and its suppliers to invest $15B in Giga Mexico: Governor
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