Tesla submits Gigafactory Mexico’s environmental impact report under codename ‘Project Mario’

(Credit: Tesla)

Governor Samuel Garcia Sepulveda of Nuevo León confirmed that Tesla presented Gigafactory Mexico’s environmental impact statement to local officials. 

“This government is interested in having a strong rule of law, a safe, armored state so that the best companies in the world continue to come to Nuevo León so that other countries consider us a green state, in which tourism is encouraged and investment, it helps us greatly to get the best companies to come to Nuevo León to invest,” said García Sepúlveda while inaugurating the Civil Force detachment in the municipality of Cerralvo. 

“As is the case with Tesla, this came out of Tesla, which on Monday already presented its environmental impact statement, and I hope the largest factory in the world will start operating very soon.”

According to Tesla’s environmental impact documents for Giga Mexico, the EV manufacturer has dubbed the construction of its next factory “Project Mario.” Tesla documents reveal that Tesla owns 1,561 hectares of land near Cerro La Mota and Cumbres de Monterrey in Santa Catarina. Tesla plans to build Giga Mexico on 260 hectares out of the 1,561 hectares it owns in the area. 

Tesla has requested a change of land use from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. The company’s environmental statement also states that Tesla predicts clearing the 260 hectares for Giga Mexico construction would leave “mitigable, compensable environmental impacts” on the area. 

Tesla proposed specific measures to prepare the land for Giga Mexico’s buildout. Tesla’s proposals included scaring away fauna and rescuing 16,000 specimens of flora and fauna, including lizards, turtles, vipers, biznagas, and peyotes. 

Earlier this month, Tesla requested environmental forms from Mexico’s Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources to construct an industrial warehouse in the municipality of Santa Catarina. Governor Sepulveda’s confirmation regarding Tesla’s environmental statement for Giga Mexico hints that the paperwork has started for the new gigafactory. 

Tesla Giga Mexico is scheduled to start vehicle production by Q1 2025, giving the company more than a year to build, submit, or file the necessary paperwork for the gigafactory. Giga Mexico is expected to make Tesla’s $25,000 compact vehicle

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Tesla submits Gigafactory Mexico’s environmental impact report under codename ‘Project Mario’
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