Tesla Sweden vs. IF Metall strike sees possible compromise

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IF Metall suggested a compromise that might finally end the strike against Tesla. Tesla Sweden and IF Metall’s fight is extending into 2024 as the Swedish union returns to the strike line again.

Local media outlet Dagens Nyheter recently sat down with IF Metall to get an update on its fight against Tesla Sweden. IF Metall’s determination seems as rock solid in 2024 as it was in 2023, but it has also suggested a compromise that could end the Tesla Sweden strike.

According to IF Metall’s contract secretary Veli-Pekka Säikkälä, the strike against Tesla Sweden could end if the automaker follows Amazon’s lead and hire a contractor. Amazon was in a similar position as Tesla when it first tried to enter the Swedish market in 2020. 

To settle the issue, Amazon hired a logistics contractor in Sweden that already had a collective agreement with the Transport Workers Union. The contractor operates Amazon’s warehouse in Sweden.

While it is a possible compromise to the Tesla Sweden vs. IF Metall issue, there are a lot of tidbits to consider. First, IF Metall’s strike mainly affects Tesla’s service centers in Sweden and the mechanics who are members of the union. 

Based on past coverage, it seems that over 50% of Tesla mechanics in Sweden are not members of IF Metall. In addition, quite a few Tesla mechanics have stated they do not want a collective agreement, leaving the automaker in a tough position. A few IF Metall members who work for Tesla have not joined the strike and were excluded from the Swedish union

Tesla Sweden vs. IF Metall Background

IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden started in late October. Both sides seem adamant about sticking to their guns with no compromise in sight. IF Metall wants Tesla to sign a collective agreement, a common practice between companies and labor unions in Sweden. On the other hand, Tesla Sweden reportedly has direct orders from Elon Musk not to enter into any collective agreement. 

Meanwhile, the employees are caught between IF Metall and Tesla Sweden—even those who are not members of the Swedish union. IF Metall reportedly hasn’t received a lot of support from Tesla employees who are union members. However, the union’s fight against Tesla has gained strength from other unions and in other countries in the form of sympathy strikes.

As IF Metall’s strike expanded to other Nordic countries, all eyes have been on Tesla Sweden. Pension funds Nordic investors have put TSLA on a watchlist, eager to see how the Texas-based automaker resolves the fight with IF Metall.

What do you think of IF Metall’s suggested compromise? Do you think it would work for Tesla Sweden?

Tesla Sweden vs. IF Metall strike sees possible compromise
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