IF Metall excludes union members who continue to work for Tesla Sweden

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Amidst the tense atmosphere in Sweden, a notable portion of Tesla employees have continued to attend work as usual and refused to strike. These include some employees who are members of trade union IF Metall, which is currently clashing with Tesla Sweden over the EV maker’s lack of a collective agreement. These workers, as per a recent report, will now be paying a price. 

As noted in a report from Dagens Arbete (DA), the trade union shared a rather difficult decision on Wednesday. As per Martin Gunnarsson, IF Metall’s union secretary, the union board has decided to expel members who are refusing to strike at Tesla Sweden. The decision was the result of a process that involved the union surveying which of its members continued to work at Tesla Sweden despite the strike.


“We have taken the decision to exclude a number of members who have broken the strike, members who are employed by Tesla and who, during the period that the conflict has been going on, actively broke the strike. They have simply worked as usual despite the ongoing conflict,” Gunnarsson noted. 

Considering that IF Metall’s announcement of its survey was made in mid-November, it would appear that the process of surveying the union’s members at Tesla lasted over a month. It should be noted that Gunnarsson did not disclose how many members were actually expelled, nor did he share how many jobs were involved. 

“We cannot go along with that. We don’t do that based on the premise that it’s about the integrity of both those who strike and those who don’t… Since the trade unions were formed once upon a time, this has been a super important issue. You must be loyal to your organization,” Gunnarsson noted. 

When asked by the publication about what the affected IF Metall members would say about the union’s decision, the official noted that members who refused to participate in the organization’s anti-Tesla Sweden efforts were simply too afraid to strike themselves. 

“It must not be underestimated that they have been faced with a demand from day one from the employer. To either choose Tesla or to choose IF Metall. If you have wanted to strike, then you have behaved in word and deed in a way that means you are not welcome back at Tesla. Many people think collective agreements are good, and something you want. But you are simply too afraid to strike yourself,” he said. 

Gunnarsson also admitted that IF Metall has found it quite strange that some of its members have continued to work at Tesla despite the union’s ongoing efforts against the company. The official also noted that the union’s decision to expel some of its members was a decision that was not made lightly. 

“It is no national secret that we think it is very strange and unfortunate that some people act in this way. Strike-breaking has occurred in various forms during the existence of trade unions. On the other hand, in Sweden, there has been no similar strike-breaking, where the employer has urged the employees to continue working. Forcing an exclusion case in this way has never happened before. It’s not something you do with great joy,” Gunnarsson noted. 

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IF Metall excludes union members who continue to work for Tesla Sweden
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