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Tesla-to-Tulsa rumors strengthen with latest recruitment site

(Credit: Tesla Cybertruck/Instagram)

Tesla is looking for engineers who would relocate to the Central United States city for an opportunity to work at its new Cybertruck Gigafactory.

The site claims that Tesla has not decided on where its newest production facility will stand and gathering information on the number of engineers that would be willing to move to Tulsa for a job.

The site claims, ” Elon and his team have one last request for us before they decide: Prove incredible engineers from all over would move to Tulsa to work at Tesla.”

The page also contains an application where prospective employees can provide their personal information and resume for Tesla’s consideration.

With each submission, the website’s moderators will make a $5 donation to the Tulsa Regional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Alliance, which aims to build broad, deep, and innovative STEM pathways for all students to access high-impact careers.

In May, reports indicated that Tesla had decided on its two finalists for its newest production facility. Elon Musk had mentioned the new electric car production plant would be in the United States. Still, the company aimed to position it centrally as it would be advantageous for Cybertruck production and East Coast buyers of the Model Y.

While Austin, Texas, was the heavy favorite, according to the EV community, Tulsa, Oklahoma, was also mentioned and seemed to have picked up some momentum based on the creation of the website.

Tulsa, like Austin, has several advantages that would offer Tesla cheaper tax rates, more affordable land options, and an ideal location. Both cities are located near the middle of the country, but Tulsa is positioned slightly better as it is closer to the geographical center of the United States.

The site claims that Tesla will make its ultimate decision on where the Cybertruck Gigafactory will be built in June. In late May, the factory appeared on Tesla’s in-car navigation in Hutto, Texas. It was later rumored to be added through Google Maps, which powers Tesla’s navigation system, by an independent owner.

Locals of Tusla have made it clear that they are willing to take extraordinary steps to convince Tesla to build a production facility there. Tulsa’s “Golden Driller” statue was also outfitted with Tesla logos and Elon Musk’s face, indicating the town was ready to forget its oil-rich past in favor of a new, more sustainable company in the future.

Tesla-to-Tulsa rumors strengthen with latest recruitment site
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