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Tesla price targets drop for varying reasons, but some feel like a reach

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) price targets were dropped by several firms due to varying reasons, but some feel like a reach.

It is no secret Tesla stock has been beaten and battered so far this year. As of February 6, shares are down over 25 percent, and the slide truly started to get intense after the company’s Q4 Earnings Call.

While some analysts called the call “a trainwreck,” others’ focuses were on a wide variety of issues. Some of them that were spoken of were Tesla’s lack of annual guidance, no narrative on price cuts, and a general lack of strategy.

Shares felt the pressure shortly after the call, but firms are still trying to grasp their outlook for the stock as Tesla will navigate what it calls the middle of “two growth waves” as it prepares to launch the next-gen platform sometime in 2025.

Piper Sandler Blames ‘Aging Product Lineup’

Piper Sandler’s Alexander Potter said in a note to investors that more price cuts are likely to take place across Tesla’s vehicles in the future because of an “aging product lineup.”

Earlier in this article, I discussed some reasons for price target downgrades feeling like a reach. This is one of them.

Tesla has done things differently than a lot of traditional car companies, but when you think about its models, there are a few things that the automaker does in a similar fashion.

A lot of OEMs keep the same nameplates on cars for years, updating the looks and tech to offer what feels like a “new” product and encourage buyers to purchase an “updated” version. The Civic, for example, is just one of many vehicles to be developed in “generations,” and every few years, it gets a new look and some new features.

Tesla is doing that with the Model 3 with the release of the “Highland,” if that is what it can be referred to as. The Model S and Model X were updated just a few years ago, and the Model Y is currently in the process of an update as well, according to reports.

Tesla also just launched the Cybertruck in November, and it has started deliveries.

It is tough to say that it feels like Tesla’s product lineup is “aging,” at least from my perspective, because:

  • The vehicles constantly get better and change through software updates
  • Three of the four vehicles in Tesla’s lineup that have been around for more than a year have either been updated or are relatively new. The Model S and Model X were updated in 2021, the Model 3 in late 2023, and the Model Y is only a few years old.

Price cuts from Tesla are more than likely not a result of an “aging product,” but likely to find a sweet spot for demand triggers.

Musk said last year that prices truly depend on market conditions and that the company thinks it “makes sense to sacrifice margins in favor of making more vehicles.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says risky margin sacrifice ‘makes sense’ to up production

Price cuts seem to be more focused on getting cars out of the door and less on incentivizing people to buy an aging product.

Potter trimmed his price target to $225 from $295.

Daiwa Worries About Tesla Governance

Daiwa Securities downgraded Tesla stock to Neutral from Outperform and trimmed its price target to $195 from $245.

Analysts at the firm state that Tesla’s increasing focus on governance concerns could limit the company’s propensity to invest in the long term and could hinder innovation. It did state that long-term investors could be rewarded, but they should be prepared for increased volatility.

Most of the governance issues stem from Musk losing his compensation package after a Delaware Chancery Court Judge ruled it was unfair to Tesla investors, despite the pay package being approved by those shareholders several years ago.

Vivek Ramaswamy calls Elon Musk’s Tesla pay package situation ‘a threat to capitalism’

As a result of the decision, Tesla has hinted it could ditch Delaware for its state of incorporation and head to Texas instead, where its headquarters is located.

Tesla shares are up 1.23 percent today as of 11:40 a.m. on the East Coast.

Disclosure: I own Tesla stock.

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Tesla price targets drop for varying reasons, but some feel like a reach
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