Tesla Cybertruck meets the steel ball test once again

Credit: Tesla

In 2019 at the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling event, CEO Elon Musk and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen planned to display the strength of the pickup by slamming it with a sledgehammer and throwing a steel ball at its window.

It did not go as planned. The initial hit from the sledgehammer compromised the window glass, and the steel ball had its way with the driver’s side window of the Cybertruck.

About four and a half years removed from the failure at the event, the Cybertruck underwent the same scrutiny without the initial sledgehammer test thanks to the YouTube channel TechRax, and thankfully, the result was different.

TechRax decided to test the strength of the Cybertruck’s windows with a nearly identical steel ball test, hurling a small but strong stainless steel sphere at the glass.

Additionally, the new and revised test, which was performed with a baseball at the Cybertruck Delivery Event in November, was also performed.

Both tests were successful, meaning that neither of the windows was compromised by either ball being hurled at the glass. This was a notable success for Cybertruck, especially as the cracked glass of 2019 became a bit of a meme.

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It was almost a blooper for Tesla as its narrative that the Cybertruck was nearly indestructible was blown wide open by a test performed by two minds that created the all-electric beast.

The Cybertruck has undergone much more intense testing than a few balls being thrown at the windows.

Tesla decided to shoot the side of the vehicle with a Tommy Gun, among other powerful firearms, before it started delivering the vehicle to customers, proving that it could stop bullets from entering the cabin in the event that it would be subject to gunfire.

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The Cybertruck truly is a beast of a vehicle. It has survived gunfire, among other tests that Tesla put it through before it finally decided it was ready for deliveries.

However, now that it has been subjected to the infamous “Steel Ball Test” that it did not pass in late 2019 once again, owners can be sure that their car will be safe when it is parked at a Little League game or if a few kids in the neighborhood try to emulate the test von Holzhausen and Musk put it through during the unveiling event.

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Tesla Cybertruck meets the steel ball test once again
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