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Tesla shareholder meeting fuels stock movement in early trading

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Tesla stock has rallied in the early hours of stock trading this morning following a confident shareholder presentation yesterday.

Tesla’s shareholder meeting yesterday exuded the typical confidence of CEO Elon Musk, but some smaller nuggets of exciting news have nonetheless fueled a stock rally in the first hours of the day. However, as the stock continues to work to recover from its low point at the beginning of the year, it remains unclear if this movement will be enough to regain significant stock value in the long term.

As soon as pre-market trading began today, Tesla stock began its upward movement. Following the subsequent market opening, the stock has only continued its rally, gaining over three percent in under a half hour.

Tesla’s upward movement matches a similar, if slightly muted, upward trend from the S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

This rally is part of a broader upward movement for Tesla stock, which has continued to recover since the beginning of the year. As of today, the share price is up almost 60% year to date. However, with the departure of some larger institutional investors, it is clear that not everyone is sold on the business’s plan moving forward.

Some of the most important points from yesterday’s meeting that have fueled the stock’s movement today include Elon Musk’s decision to begin advertising, which could help the American EV leader dispel myths surrounding its products and pricing. Moreover, the Tesla CEO’s announcement of two upcoming models, which he believes he could sell roughly 5 million units annually in the coming years, has also likely spiked investor interest in the stock.

Tesla’s upward stock movement has positively affected other EV stocks, which have been hosting recoveries of their own since the start of the year. Despite falling slightly from last week, Rivian stock has jumped slightly in the early hours of today’s trading, and even the cash-starved Lucid Motors has grown somewhat, despite a disastrous Q1 earnings report.

William is a shareholder of Tesla and Rivian but is not invested in Lucid Group.

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Tesla shareholder meeting fuels stock movement in early trading
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