Tesla shares new video of Optimus in action, shows improvements since AI Day 2022

Credit: Tesla

At AI Day 2022 event, the electric vehicle maker unveiled two humanoid robot prototypes that were part of the Tesla Optimus program. One was a unit built with off-the-shelf parts that was already walking and moving on its own, while another was built with off-the-shelf parts but still required human assistance.  

At the time, the Optimus bot made with custom parts, which boasted a stunning dark silver finish, caught the attention of many. The humanoid robot, after all, featured more fluid movements, even if it could not walk on its own yet like its predecessor. 

A video showcased by Tesla during the recently held 2023 Cyber Roundup suggests that the Optimus program has achieved many accomplishments in the months since AI Day 2022 last September. The video showed several Optimus robot prototypes, each one built with custom parts, performing a variety of tasks. The humanoid robot prototypes were also moving on their own. 

Particularly impressive are Optimus’ hand movements, which appear to be becoming more accurate and controlled. Elon Musk highlighted the improvement of Optimus during his presentation. 

“I think the most notable difference is, if you look at the last time we showed Optimus and this video that was taken basically yesterday — the Optimus team was up all night making this video — the Optimus team has done an incredible job,” Musk said. 

While discussing the potential of the Optimus program, Elon Musk stated that the humanoid robot could very well tap into a market that could never be reached by electric cars. While there is a lot of work to be done, Optimus could propel Tesla into the future. But for now, the program is definitely underrated.

“If you have a generalized humanoid robot, what would be the effective ratio of humanoid robots to humans? I think basically everyone would want one. And maybe people would want more than one, which means the actual demand for something like Optimus, if it really works — which it will — could be 10 billion units? It’s some crazy number.

“It might be 20 billion units, if the ratio is two to one. It’s a very big number, a number that’s vastly inaccessible by the number of cars. So my prediction is that Tesla’s long-term value, the majority of long-term value, will be Optimus. And I am very confident in that prediction,” Musk said.

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Tesla shares new video of Optimus in action, shows improvements since AI Day 2022
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