Tesla makes unexpected V4 Supercharger announcement

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Tesla has announced that it is opening its first V4 Supercharging station to all EVs.

Tesla introduced the latest variant of the Tesla Supercharger to Europe earlier this year, with the first “V4” charging station placed in the Netherlands. But despite opening the newest charger to Tesla vehicles only, the American automaker has now announced that its V4 Supercharger will be open to all EVs, likely aiding the company’s charging segment growth.

Tesla Europe announced the change to the charger this morning on Twitter, immediately receiving split opinions from Tesla owners and non-owners alike.

The controversy is common, especially in Europe, where the company has switched to the CCS charging standard on its vehicles. By having the same charging standard as all the other automakers, many have argued that Superchargers should be open to everyone, aiding the transition to EVs overall. However, others believe that after purchasing a Tesla, they should have access to a select set of chargers outside the typical public offerings.

This controversy has only been exacerbated by the lack of chargers in some parts of Europe. This has resulted in some Supercharging stations becoming overwhelmed by the demand of Tesla and non-Tesla drivers combined.

It seems as though this controversy will reach the shores of North America in the coming months as Tesla works to open its U.S.-based Superchargers to all EVs as well, thanks to the use of the Magic Dock.

With today’s announcement, it is clear that the company is doubling down on its mission to open its charging network to all EVs in Europe, though it remains unclear if future V4 Superchargers will receive the same treatment. As for the charger itself, while other EVs have not yet tested it, it is a significant upgrade in charging speed, with most testers finding the charger cuts charging time by a meaningful amount. Further, with a longer cable than its V3 counterpart, the newest charger more easily charges more EVs from different automakers.

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Tesla makes unexpected V4 Supercharger announcement
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