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Tesla V4 Supercharger details continue to spill: built-in CCS, fastest charging speeds yet

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Tesla’s new V4 Supercharger has started its initial rollout in Europe, and details are still continuing to spill out ahead of the first installations in the United States.

The V4 Supercharger is Tesla’s latest iteration of its industry-leading EV charging network, and with the recent introduction of non-Tesla vehicle charging in the U.S. to qualify for government incentives, the automaker is going forward with some monumental changes.

Tesla’s V4 Supercharger rumors begin to swirl: new designs, CCS support

After the first piles were installed in the Netherlands in March, there were several distinct changes. We reported that the charging cables were now extended so that non-Tesla vehicles could charge with ease. This was a commonly reported problem in the U.S. as non-Tesla vehicles started to use the Superchargers.

Along with the longer cables, Tesla’s main focus was to increase charging speed so that people spent less time charging and more time on the roads. It was confirmed that the V4 Superchargers were capable of more power, but the vehicles’ architecture only allows for certain speeds. However, we are learning more information about what Tesla plans to do with these piles moving forward.

Tesla V4 Supercharger details: Charging Speed and Cable Length

Thanks to Supercharger tracker MarcoRP, new details regarding the V4 Supercharger are available.

Tesla will make the CCS adapter built into the frame of the V4 Supercharger, which will allow non-Tesla vehicles to charge without an adapter. With the introduction of the Magic Dock, Tesla has made it possible for non-Tesla EVs to utilize the Supercharger network. With the V4 Supercharger, this will be standard.

Additionally, charging speeds are expected to be up to 350 kW in roughly one year. This would be a drastic increase from the 250 kW max speeds that the V3 Supercharger currently offers. However, some are still interested in seeing even more capability as the Cybertruck, which will be the first Tesla vehicle capable of increased charging speeds thanks to a new 1,000-volt architecture.

Tesla Cybertruck will be compatible with Semi’s megawatt V4 Supercharging

This architecture will enable even faster charging speeds, making vehicles spend less time at a Supercharger than ever before.

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Tesla V4 Supercharger details continue to spill: built-in CCS, fastest charging speeds yet
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