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Tesla V4 Superchargers unveiled in Europe, could launch this month

Credit: fritsvanens | Twitter

Tesla’s first V4 Superchargers are set to launch in Europe in March, bringing the newest and fastest iteration of the company’s industry-leading charging infrastructure to light.

Tesla’s Supercharging network has been the best in the industry, and it’s no secret. Its locations, dependability, and innovation have contributed to the automaker being one of the few that has been able to offer enough charging stations to support its demand.

In 2019, Tesla first started rolling out V3 Superchargers, which were the fastest at the time and offered charging speeds of up to 250 kW, offering 1,000 miles of range per hour when obtainable.

Now, the new V4 Superchargers are ready to be launched in Europe just a few weeks after construction began. On March 3, the first installations were spotted at a Supercharging station in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, and are expected to support a 1,000-architecture that will enable faster charging speeds and could be used by more manufacturers.

It appears these stations are complete and have been revealed and tested by Tesla staff in the Netherlands (via fritsvanens on Twitter).

Fritsvanens said they spoke to Tesla staff at the site over the past several days. Yesterday, at least ten people were spotted at the site, but they were reprimanded for taking pictures.

However, the installation has been completed, and Tesla staff told them that these V4 Superchargers are set to open this month.

Tesla’s Supercharging website does not have this location updated yet. It still appears to list the previous Superchargers on the page, but it does state that non-Tesla vehicles are able to charge at the site. It is not known whether these vehicles will be able to utilize the V4 Supercharger

At first glance, the new V4 Superchargers appear to be similar to Tesla’s 72 kW chargers in appearance.

They also appear to equip a longer charging cable, which would enable other vehicles to charge with ease.

They also appear to be close in design to the Megachargers the Tesla Semi uses at the Frito Lay factory in California.

tesla megacharger

Credit: Teslarati reader Timke Klinker

The first rumors of the V4 Supercharger began to swirl in July 2022, hinting toward CCS support for non-Tesla owners.

Tesla has seemingly moved toward it this as it has been installing the Magic Dock on some Superchargers in the United States, enabling other EVs to utilize the robust network.

It is not yet known when Tesla will roll out the V4 Superchargers in the United States.

However, Tesla opened its non-Tesla EV Pilot Program in Europe several years ago, and just started enabling the same strategy in the U.S. Tesla could be utilizing the European market as an initial testing phase of the new V4 Superchargers before bringing them to its home country.

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Tesla V4 Superchargers unveiled in Europe, could launch this month
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