tesla youtube 360p resolution locked

Tesla owners say YouTube app has video locked at low resolution

Credit: Micah Taubee | YouTube

Tesla owners are indicating that the YouTube application in their vehicles is strangely locked at a low resolution after a recently rolled-out software update.

As early as Monday, January 30, Tesla owners began reporting that the YouTube videos they attempted to watch in their cars were no longer upgrading to higher video resolutions. Over the years, YouTube has gone from standard definition to as high as 8K, or 4320p: 7680×4320.

However, Tesla owners state their cars have been locked in at 360p, which is currently the second-lowest resolution offered by the platform.

A video uploaded by Micah Taulbee shows a video being played inside their Model 3. The resolution is locked at 640×360 at 30 frames per second, and when Taulbee attempts to open the Settings menu on the YouTube app using the gear icon in the top right corner, the drop-down menu seems to be non-responsive.

tesla youtube 360p resolution locked

Credit: Micah Taubee | YouTube

It does not appear to be an isolated incident. According to numerous Tesla Motors Club forum members, the YouTube app is also locking them at a low resolution.

Numerous posters to the thread on TMC indicated they had just updated to 2022.44 when the glitch began. These owners took numerous introductory measures, like a system reboot or language change, to attempt to counter what appears to be a temporary software bug. However, these options did not provide a solution.

Interestingly, one owner in the forum stated that they have not upgraded since Software Version 2022.20.8, which rolled out in August 2022. The resolution is also locked on this vehicle, despite not having the updated software.

There is currently no indication whether the bug is on Tesla’s side or YouTube’s side. Because most owners are experiencing it after the software update, but others are still dealing with the problem with older versions, there is no definitive answer.

If you are experiencing this issue in your Tesla, please reach out to Teslarati so we can speak to you. We’d love to get more information from owners to get Tesla’s attention and shed more information on this matter. At the time of publishing, we were awaiting a response from Tesla Service on suggestions to potentially remedy the issue.

When Tesla reaches out to us, we will update the article to offer potential solution.

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Tesla owners say YouTube app has video locked at low resolution
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