Trashed Tesla Supercharger still works like a champ in impromptu real-world test

Image Credit: @IDC4GAS/Twitter

There is a reason why Tesla Superchargers are loved by electric vehicle owners, even those who do not drive the company’s electric cars. Tesla’s Supercharger reliability is no joke, as highlighted by the company in its 2022 Impact Report. As per the document, the average uptime of Tesla Supercharger sites last year was an impressive 99.95%. 

A video that was recently shared by a Tesla driver on social media demonstrated a rather extreme example of the Supercharger Network’s reliability. As it turns out, Tesla Superchargers can and will still work, even if their stalls are already completely trashed. 

The short clip was provided by Model 3 owner @idc4gas, who came upon a Supercharger stall that had definitely seen better days. The charging stall was destroyed, and its panels were scattered about. The Tesla owner noted that a car probably crashed into the Supercharger stall in question. 

The Tesla owner then decided to test if the smashed Supercharger still worked. Needless to say, such a test should probably be avoided as it could be dangerous, but fortunately for the Model 3 owner, the results were positive. After looking at his vehicle’s infotainment system, the Model 3 owner enthusiastically reported that the trashed Tesla Supercharger was still providing over 100 kW of power to his all-electric car. 

That’s not bad for any rapid charger out there, and it’s several times more impressive considering the fact that the Supercharger stall looked like it was barely standing. The Tesla owner ended his video with a subtle jab at Electrify America, whose reliability has been criticized by electric vehicle owners. 

Tesla’s Supercharger Network is one of the company’s aces, but according to CEO Elon Musk, the electric vehicle maker is now sharing it with non-Tesla EVs as a way to further promote the transition to sustainable transportation. So far, the reliability of Tesla Superchargers has been impressive, with the network showing 99.74% reliability in 2020, 99.96% reliability in 2021, and 99.95% reliability in 2022, as per the 2022 Impact Report.

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Trashed Tesla Supercharger still works like a champ in impromptu real-world test
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