On the ground in Ukraine using Starlink to stay connected

On the ground in Ukraine using Starlink to stay connected

Credit: Starlink

Starlink is helping many people in Ukraine, including a friend of mine who is on the ground helping to train the military. Gia Santos shared her story of how Starlink has helped her to stay connected.

She recently wrote an article in Vocal titled, Don’t forget how Starlink helped Ukraine since the beginning of the war. That article has been something she’s been working on as a way to share her story and the story of the Sons of Liberty International, (SOLI) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has members in Ukraine helping to train the military.

In her article, Gia shares how Starlink is helping her, her fellow volunteers, and Ukrainians stay online. She writes, “A young Ukrainian volunteer shared with me recently… how Starlink is being used in towns and remote areas in Ukraine which help Ukrainians stay in touch.”

When she first told me she was going to Ukraine to help, I feared for her life and safety. However, I support her and know that she is following her heart. Starlink enables her to stay in contact with me and others. Since I’ve been writing about Starlink and interviewing users, I thought it would be great to include her story as well.

Gia told me,

“The nonprofit military organization which I’m doing volunteer work with here in Ukraine had the opportunity to utilize Starlink for a podcast interview with Judge Napolitano who spoke with the founder of SOLI, Matt Van Dyke about the Ukraine-Russia war.”

SOLI is providing free training-advising to the Ukrainian military and has been since March 2022. I asked her how it felt knowing that Starlink is helping to keep her connected online in a situation where without it, she’d be disconnected. Gia told me,

“I feel less anxious knowing that Starlink can keep me connected here to chat, and communicate with family, and friends back in the U.S. Simultaneously… it helps us do the work we need to do here while maintaining encrypted communication and supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia.”

“I have anxiety so I wanted to share that above because I felt anxious while traveling, and slightly anxious after arriving due to the obvious differences in language, culture, etc., until I got connected to the internet again, thanks Starlink! being connected is important for safety, work, and keeping connected to loved ones and friends back home,” Gia added.

Her article also emphasized the importance of not forgetting how Elon Musk helped Ukraine. Although his recent tweets were the equivalent of ripping a bandaid off an open wound, I think he was only trying to help. Elon has said plenty of times that he loves humanity.

His concern is for the loss of lives on both sides of the war. Many often forget about Elon’s love of humanity and his fear of us as a species going extinct. The light of consciousness is something he wants to preserve and this, I believe, is what motivates him.

He founded SpaceX to make humans a multi-planetary species. His other companies such as Tesla are focused on helping the earth with clean vehicles and renewable energy. His foundation has helped many people in need especially those impacted by climate change.

Yet his tweets were very hurtful to many in Ukraine and he was mistaken as someone who supports Russia. His message for peace would require a huge sacrifice from Ukraine, a nation that has given up a lot already.

I don’t blame Ukraine for not wanting to make those sacrifices. After all, it was Russia that started this senseless war. Yet if it continues, Elon is right. There will be massive losses of life on both sides.

There is no easy solution. People like my friend Gia are putting their lives on the line to help. And she wanted to emphasize that it’s because of Elon Musk, whose kind donations of Starlink are why she and her fellow volunteers as well as the Ukrainians they are helping are able to stay connected.

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On the ground in Ukraine using Starlink to stay connected
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