Volkswagen to stop selling gas cars in Norway in 2024: importer

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen plans to sell its last gas car in Norway by the end of this year, as shared by a major Norwegian import company last week.

Møller Mobility Group says Volkswagen will sell only electric vehicles (EVs) in Norway starting in 2024, as announced in a press release shared on Friday. The importer also notes that the announcement comes 75 years after Volkswagen was first established in Norway on October 21, and that over a million of the automaker’s cars have been sold in the country since.

“It may seem strange to mark the milestone by removing model icons from our portfolio, but this has been an ambitious and important investment over time,” said Ulf Tore Hekneby, managing director at Møller. “The purpose has been to drive forward changes that we believe are of crucial importance.”

The release states that Møller has imported around 1.1 million Volkswagen vehicles into Norway, while around 102,000 of the brand’s EVs have made it into the country. It also points out that October 21, 2013 was the first date an EV was registered in Norway, adding another anniversary to celebrate.

The final Volkswagen Golf is set to be sold in Norway in December, and the importer is encouraging customers to look into the automaker’s ID lineup, including the upcoming ID.7, expected to offer an electric replacement for the Passat.

Norway leads the world in overall EV adoption, and last year the country’s EVs surpassed 80 percent of new car sales. The country has also banned the sale of new gas cars starting in 2025, representing the world’s most ambitious EV adoption target.

Tesla leads the robust EV market in Norway on a fairly consistent basis, and according to tracker sales tracker, the automaker’s Model Y remains the dominant best-selling EV with 20,109 units sold through Q3. Volkswagen’s ID.4 is the second-best seller on the list, with 5,823 units sold through the quarter, while the ID.3 lands in sixth with 2,778 units.

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Volkswagen to stop selling gas cars in Norway in 2024: importer
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