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Tesla dominates in EV-heavy Norway where gas cars are nearly defunct

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Tesla has been widely recognized as the world’s leader in electric vehicles, and in EV-heavy Norway, where gas cars are nearly defunct, the automaker is dominating.

A report from the New York Times earlier this week recognized Norway’s explicit focus on transitioning away from ICE vehicles and instead transitioning more people toward EVs. The country has been a model for other areas attempting to do the same thing: woo consumers away from gas in an effort to embrace electrification.

Norway has done such an incredible job getting people to try EVs that it has a lead over the U.S. in terms of the adoption of electric cars that the report puts the U.S. more than a decade behind. Norway has already passed the 50 percent EV adoption mark, which President Biden hopes the U.S. can achieve by the end of the 2020s.

But it gets worse.

Norway has already marked an 80 percent sales rate of EVs. That occurred last year, and gas cars are expected to be a thing of the past by the time 2025 rolls around.

While some skeptics are convinced a quick transition to EVs could be detrimental, Norway has proven that a country of its size can handle the move. It has not been hindered by lack of infrastructure or a high rate of critical analysis. Of course, conditions and situations are much different than here in the U.S., like population, for example.

New York City alone has 3 million more people than all of Norway, and while the Big Apple has made drastic strides to encourage EV adoption, there is no comparison in terms of sustainable powertrains compared to Norwegian residents.

In a country where EVs have largely taken over the realm of passenger vehicles, one company continues to stand out, and that’s Tesla.

In May thus far, Tesla has already captured over 35 percent of the market share, leading Volkswagen by a margin of well over 20 percent. Volkswagen’s 430 EVs registered so far in May in Norway have it holding 12.9 percent.

In 2022, Tesla held 15 percent of the total market for EVs in Norway, according to EU-EVs. Volkswagen had 12.3 percent, a much tighter margin than May of this year. However, if 2023 continues to trend the way it has through the first four-and-a-half months, Tesla will have completely solidified itself as the undisputed leader in Norway.

So far through May 10, Tesla has 11,610 registrations, accounting for 31.1 percent of the Norwegian EV market. This is nearly double Volkswagen’s 5,983 cars sold, which puts it at 16 percent. Toyota is third with 7.3 percent.

Tesla’s prowess as the leader in EVs goes well beyond the United States, and Norway, a country with so much belief in electrification, has embraced the automaker’s status as a dominating force.

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Tesla dominates in EV-heavy Norway where gas cars are nearly defunct
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