Watch Elon Musk’s Death-defying Wing Walking Stunt

How does a billionaire tech tycoon have fun? Walking on the wing of a plane while traveling at 130 mph, of course!

Wife Tululah Riley posted on her Instagram a picture of Elon Musk, a man considered to be one of the most important leaders of our future, taking a “nice wing walk” over the weekend. “What could possibly go wrong?”, the caption reads.

We can think of a billion things that could go wrong, especially to humanity as a whole, but let’s not digress.

Went for a nice wing walk. What could possibly go wrong? Photo by my lovely wife @talulahrm

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The aerial stunt was facilitated by UK-based Breitling Wingwalkers, the world’s only aerobatic formation wingwalking team. Proud Mom to Elon Musk also took to Instagram to share a wonderful shot of the happy couple as they geared up for the exhilarating stunt. In fact, the entire Musk clan was in attendance and joining in on the fun.


Elon Musk and wife Talulah wing walking on a bi-plane in the UK [Source: Maye Musk’s Instagram]

Here I am, wing walking! #wingwalking

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