White House to hike tariffs on Chinese EVs to fend off cheap imports

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The White House and President Joe Biden will launch new tariffs today on Chinese electric vehicles and other sectors to fend off cheap imports. This strategic move could protect U.S. companies from foreign companies.

The biggest tariff rates apply to EVs and will equate to 100 percent, while solar components will have a 50 percent rate, and all other sectors at 25 percent. They will be in effect for two years.

The move will effectively fend off a flood of low-cost Chinese products like EVs, batteries, and other products as Biden hopes to protect U.S. manufacturing jobs and companies. Washington Post said in its report that the tariffs will impact $18 billion in Chinese products, and it is all being done “to protect American workers and businesses.”

In terms of electric vehicles, China is one of the major players in the sector and has been able to offer a variety of low-cost models domestically.

Meanwhile, U.S. EV makers are still trying to roll out their first models, at least for the most part. The only company turning a profit on EV manufacturing in the United States is Tesla, which also operates in China but is having difficulty competing with domestic manufacturers there.

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This move is more of a preventative measure. It will help U.S. companies avoid competing with Chinese companies on their own soil. Chinese companies, which can offer cheaper prices, could flood the market, damage employment figures, and have major economic implications.

Wendy Cutler, VP of the Asia Society Policy Institute, is a former U.S. trade negotiator. She said:

“It’s the correct response to a big problem that China is creating in its overproduction in key manufacturing sectors.  China’s trying to export its overcapacity to the rest of the world.”

The new tariff rates are only half the battle.

Now, U.S. companies are going to have the pressure on them, as innovation, as well as building dependable and attractive products for consumers, will be what they should be focused on. The combination of the two should effectively stop Chinese imports from flooding the U.S. market.

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White House to hike tariffs on Chinese EVs to fend off cheap imports
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