Tesla Motors’ Direct Sales Campaigns Gaining Ground

Well alright, alright, alright. Tesla Motors Direct Sales campaign wins another legislative battle on the East Coast with Maryland allowing direct sales and Connecticut is on the verge according to recent news reports.

Maryland legislature passed a bill last night that allows Tesla to open four retail stores that can offer test drives, answer pricing questions or other related electric car technology questions.

Isn’t capitalism lovely, Maryland.

The neighbor next door, Viginia, has shut the door to Tesla and its direct sales model, even though the state of Virginia has made 14 exceptions to the law that forbids automakers acting as dealerships. As reported via Pilot Online, Virginia notes that most of those exceptions were for specialty manufacturers such as those who make one-off motorcycles, trailers and even commercial-use trucks.

How about we call Tesla Motors a boutique automaker and let them sell in the state whose slogan is “Virginia is for lovers.” Car owners love cars and especially electric ones, Luddites.

More good news is coming from Connecticut lawmakers, where a transportation committee is working on a new bill that would provide the American car company with a limited number of retail stores.

According to the Hartford Courant, Antonio Guerrera, the committee’s co-chairman, says,”The majority, like me, would love to see Tesla happen and Tesla is not going to be killed.”

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Tesla’s selling prowess is growing and employing a “cluster strategy,” similar to Toyota’s Prius campaign in the early 2000s, is starting to shape on the East Coast.

In Texas, there’s a bill in committee that would allow for twelve new stores and the ability to sell like other state deals. Some Texas state reps understand capitalism, like this little ditty below from a committee member via the Dallas Morning News:

“While some lawmakers indicated they like a free market, none on the licensing committee came out in clear support of the bill.”

Wow, thanks for the update on the free market take in Texas. Sheesh. It looks pretty dim that the bill will go through committee. According to the Dallas News, the next opportunity for the legislature to address this issue would be in…2017. I just love Texas.

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