Video | Meet Tesla’s Robotic Assembly Production Team

Tesla Motors shows off its most recent view of its robotic assembly production line via video from a Wall Street Journal article, see above. As most will remember, similar robotic acrobatics were seen at the All Things D event last fall, when a robot held up the underbody of the then new, P85D model and its dual-motors.

Tesla announced the factory expansion last year which also revealed the super hero names given to the robots. Tesla’s assembly and body-in-white plant doesn’t get a lot of discussion, but they have a considerable advantage against legacy automakers with their greenfield project in Fremont over the last couple of years. Legacy automakers don’t have that advantage, but automation technology is helping disparate plant control platforms communicate to enterprises and find efficiencies. Really interesting time with automotive drivetrain technology, but also factory innovations.

Last Year’s Factory Updates:

  • A dedicated section for production of the Dual Motor Model S.
  • Model S batteries will be installed by robots; cuts installation time by 50% over human labor.
  • Production capacity of over 50k cars by end of 2015.
  • Traditional overhead mechanical steel structures replaced by robots capable of moving entire cars.
  • New paint line
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