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7,000 Teslas spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port: report

Credit: Wu Wa

At least 7,000 Tesla Model 3s and Ys have been spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port according to Tesla enthusiast, Sawyer Merritt. Sawyer confirmed on Twitter that he counted the total number of vehicles. There was another report about thousands of vehicles at the Luchao port in Shanghai and now we know there are 7,000 vehicles.


The photo comes from a still from Wu Wa‘s latest YouTube video According to Wu Wa, the dock at the southern port of Luchao was filled with more Tesla vehicles than he expected. In the video description he said:

“The dock at the south port of Luchao port was filled with more Teslas than previously expected. As last week’s Tesla started to assemble at the dock, I thought it would be shipped out soon, but this week I saw more Teslas and they are still coming to the dock. since July, the Shanghai factory has entered a production line renovation and optimization period and the factory is in semi-production.”

“On July 5, the first phase of M3 started production and the second phase is taking a break, so during this period, M3s produced at the factory are mainly shipped to Luchao Port South Pier.”

“Some Australian friends have been inquiring when they can see the Tesla they ordered at the dock and thought it would gather at the Shanghai Haitong dock, but we went to the Haitong dock last week to confirm that Tesla basically gave up the more distant Haitong dock and took the Luchao Port South dock as the main export port.”

“So, Australian friends, if you ordered the M3, maybe it is among the dock, if you ordered the MY, then you May have to wait a while, but do not worry, very happy will appear.”

You can view Wu Wa’s video here or below.



7,000 Teslas spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port: report
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