Tesla China drone video shows massive fleet ready for Q3 exports

Image Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla China may have encountered a lot of challenges in the second quarter, but the company seems extremely intent on bouncing back with a vengeance this Q3. Initial hints of these efforts were observed recently when drone videos taken at the Luchao Port, about 6 kilometers away from Giga Shanghai, showed a massive fleet of Teslas just waiting to be exported. 

The fleet of Teslas spotted in the area was substantial, with initial observations from the Tesla community suggesting that the vehicles numbered by the thousands. The majority of the Teslas that could be seen in the drone flyover were Model 3s. Local news reports have suggested that the vehicles would be en route to Europe soon. 

The drone footage was provided by longtime Tesla watcher Wu Wa, who has been following the progress of the electric car maker’s China operations since initial ground-clearing activities began in the Giga Shanghai complex in late 2018. According to the Tesla watcher, the gathering of the vehicles in Luchao Port comes as Tesla China is emptying out Giga Shanghai’s holding lots. 

This is not surprising considering that Tesla typically focuses the first half of a quarter on exports and the latter half on the domestic car market. Tesla missed a good number of exports in the second quarter thanks to Giga Shanghai’s production halt, so it makes sense for the company to double down and make sure that it exports as many vehicles as possible this Q3, at least before Giga Shanghai needs to focus its resources for the local Chinese market. 

While Giga Shanghai’s output is already extremely impressive, Tesla is already working to ensure that its output in China improves in the near future. Back in February, reports emerged stating that Tesla is looking to double its vehicle production capacity in China by building another facility near Gigafactory Shanghai. With both facilities fully ramped, Tesla is expected to reach an output of about 2 million vehicles per year. 

Tesla China is a key component of the company’s overall operations. With Giga Shanghai serving as the company’s primary vehicle export hub, Tesla China is currently ensuring that Europe and other foreign territories are supplied with Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers. Giga Shanghai’s load could be a bit lighter in the future, however, especially as Gigafactory Berlin ramps its Model Y production. 

Watch a massive Tesla fleet for exports in the video below. 

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Tesla China drone video shows massive fleet ready for Q3 exports
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