DIY: Create your own custom Tesla turn signal indicator decal

One sure way to make your Tesla stand apart from the crowd is to apply a custom vinyl wrap that updates the color of the vehicle without altering the paint itself. While wrapping a vehicle can lead to quite a dramatic change in vehicle appearance, the process to apply the vinyl wrap can only be done by a professional and generally costs several thousand dollars. We wouldn’t necessarily call this a do-it-yourself type project.

However, a popular DIY project among Tesla owners that adds a stylish accent to the exterior of the vehicle involves the application of colored vinyl to the vehicle’s Tesla badge, wheel cap and turn signal indicators. Consider it a wrap job for select components of the vehicle as opposed to the entire car itself. It’s cost effective, easy to apply and just as easily removable.

Here’s a great video tutorial on how to create your very own custom decal for the Tesla turn signal indicator. The same process can be used for creating custom decals for the Tesla badge, vehicle model badge, wheel center cap and beyond.

  • Step 1 – Take photo of Tesla component
  • Step 2 – Import photo of Tesla component
  • Step 3 – Choose color and style of decal
  • Step 4 – Print decal using vinyl cutter
  • Step 5 – Apply homemade custom vinyl wrap to Tesla component

Because vinyl cutting equipment can be costly to purchase, local print shops often times allow customers to email in their design templates – in the case the file produced from Step 3 – and will print the decal from their equipment.


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