Economist says cheap Chinese EVs should be kept out of U.S. due to security risk

An assembly line worker at the Wuling plant. He is putting the finishing touches on the HongGuang Mini EV here. (Credit: YouTube | Gweilo 60)

An economist is suggesting that cheap Chinese electric vehicles be kept out of the United States automotive market due to a “security risk,” which is an eerily similar situation that Tesla was put in a few years back in China.

“I think we should try and keep them out,” Heritage Foundation economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth said, according to Fox News.

Interestingly, a similar narrative was spread through China, starting several years ago. Tesla vehicles were looked at as potential spy devices for the U.S. government, and government employees were discouraged from owning them.

Elon Musk responds to reports of Tesla ban among China’s military over security concerns

Furchtgott-Roth added that the outrage that was caused by the Chinese spy balloons last year would only be minimal compared to what cheap Chinese-built EVs would cause.

There are also other security concerns, she said.

Plus, car manufacturers now can disable cars from remote,” she added. “What if we were in some foreign entanglement with China? And then China decided to stop all the EVs in the United States? It’s a security risk.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has routinely complimented Chinese automakers that have developed EVs. The only reason they have not taken over more regions in terms of sales is because of trade barriers, Musk said during the Q4 2023 Earnings Call in late January.

Several domestic car companies have already stated that they will scale back EV development. Ford noted during its call this week that it will do this to eliminate some of the losses it feels from building electric vehicles.

The Biden Administration has pushed hard to encourage EV sales, and U.S. market share of electric cars is higher than ever. EVs captured 7.6 of the total U.S. market share in 2023, according to Cox Automotive.

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Economist says cheap Chinese EVs should be kept out of U.S. due to security risk
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