Electrify America launches congestion fee pilot at select charging stations

(Credit: Electrify America)

Electrify America has followed Tesla into one strategy intended to reduce congestion at its chargers, as announced by the Volkswagen-owned company this week.

On Monday, Electrify America announced that it would be piloting a program to institute an 85-percent State of Charge (SoC) limit at its charging stations, along with charging idling fees starting 10 minutes after charging is complete. Dubbed the Congestion Reduction Pilot, the program will take place at stations throughout Southern California, beginning in the coming days.

The company also says it plans to closely monitor customer feedback at the select stations, in order to help decide how to move forward with expanding the program.

You can see the full list of Electrify America stations taking part in the initial pilot below, or check out the full press release here.

Electrify America Congestion Reduction Pilot Stations

  • Burbank, California: Plaza Del Sol (Station 200068) at 10982 Sherman Way
  • Carson, California: Target T2328 (Station 200041) at 651 W Sepulveda Blvd
  • Glendale, California: Ralphs 060 (Station 200046) at 1416 East Colorado St
  • Los Angeles, California: Bank of America Washington-Centinela CA9-160 (Station 200044) at 12316 W Washington Blvd
  • Los Angeles, California: Bank of America LA Chinatown CA9-167 (Station 200070) at 850 N Broadway
  • La Crescenta, California: Vons 2598 (Station 200049) at 3233 Foothill Blvd
  • San Diego, California: Walmart Supercenter 2177 (Station 200144) at 3382 Murphy Canyon Road
  • San Dimas, California: Target T0767 (Station 200051) at 888 W Arrow Hwy
  • Van Nuys, California: Target T1309 (Station 200047) at 14920 Raymer Street
  • Yorba Linda, California: Yorba Canyon Center (Station 200079) at 21580 1/2 Yorba Linda Blvd

Electrify America has been criticized by many in the electric vehicle (EV) community for the lack of charger reliability at some stations, with individual charging stalls often being broken, causing increased congestion. Last year, the Volkswagen-owned charging network joined much of the industry in adopting Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), with the company set to roll out adapters for the Tesla-developed charging hardware to its stations.

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Electrify America launches congestion fee pilot at select charging stations
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