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Elon Musk to attend anti-Semitism event next week near Auschwitz

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk will attend an anti-Semitism event near Auschwitz next week hosted by the European Jewish Association (EJA). The event has a “primary focus honing in on the disconcerting surge of anti-Semitism in Europe that has been escalating since the 7th of October.”

Musk will appear at a symposium in Krakow, Poland, just minutes from the lands of the former concentration camp for the event, spokesperson Nir Natan told The Washington Post.

He is expected to be there Monday for a discussion with Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator.

Musk has been in Israel since the major conflict between Hamas and Israel began in October. He has made his way to areas that were ravaged by the conflict, which has been a main focus of news since the attack.

Elon Musk visits areas ravaged by Hamas attack with Prime Minister in Israel visit

The EJA said the event “carries immense significance as it provides a platform for us to collectively confront and address this troubling trend. Distinguished speakers and influential stakeholders from various backgrounds will assemble to engage in thoughtful deliberations on these pressing and critical matters.”

During a recent visit to Israel, Musk said was given dog tags from a man whose son was held as a hostage. He said, “I will wear it every day until your loved ones are released.”

Elon Musk pledges to keep dog tag from Hamas hostage’s father during Israel visit

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Elon Musk to attend anti-Semitism event next week near Auschwitz
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