Musk says Boring Co. LA tunnel is nearly done, will offer free demo rides soon

The Boring Company’s proof-of-concept LA tunnel is almost done, according to recent social media updates from Elon Musk. In a series of announcements on Thursday, Musk provided a teaser video of the startup’s 2.7-mile proof-of-concept tunnel, as well as updates about the Boring Co.’s DC to New York and LA to San Francisco projects.

Musk’s Boring Company updates on Thursday started with an announcement that the company’s tunnel under Los Angeles is nearly complete. Musk uploaded a video of the tunnel on his Instagram page, where he stated that the project is just pending final regulatory approvals. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO also noted that The Boring Co. would be offering free demo rides to the public “in a few months.”

In his Instagram post, Musk personally extended his appreciation to everyone who aided in making the LA proof-of-concept tunnel a reality. Musk cited strong support from the public, as well as from government officials and regulators, as critical to the completion of the Boring Company’s projects.

In line with his statements back in March, Musk noted that once the tunnels are operational, The Boring Co. would be giving priority to commuters who do not have vehicles of their own, using an underground bus-like system called an Urban Loop. In his Instagram update, Musk stated that the cost of a ride in the Urban Loop would be less than that of a bus ticket.

Musk’s later tweets provided even more detail to the Boring Company’s projects. According to Musk, the company is already starting work on the DC to New York route — a far more ambitious plan that, if successful, would enable commuters to travel from New York to DC in just 29 minutes. Apart from this, Musk also noted that The Boring Co. is aiming to start working on a Los Angeles – San Francisco route next year. These projects will entail the use of pressurized pods in near vacuum tunnels using Hyperloop technology.

One of the most notable tidbits of information that Musk dropped on Twitter, however, was the mention of “branch loops” in the Boring Company’s tunnels. One of his followers, Michael Baylor, called on Musk to build a stop near Vandenberg, in order to provide space fans an easy way to attend SpaceX’s launches. Responding to the Twitter user, Musk stated that such stops would indeed be possible.

“A cool thing about the design is that’s easy to incorporate branch loops to serve small to mid-size cities without slowing down the main loop at all,” Musk responded.

While only a year old, the Boring Company is starting to make strides in the transportation industry. Earlier this year, the tunneling startup outlasted two of its rival bidders in the proposed, high-profile downtown Chicago-O’Hare transport system. The Boring Company recently finished a funding round as well, with an SEC filing revealing that the tunneling startup has raised $113 million in equity.

Watch Elon Musk’s clip of The Boring Company’s LA tunnel in the video below.

Musk says Boring Co. LA tunnel is nearly done, will offer free demo rides soon
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